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EliteCCW Firearm Training Is The Premiere Training Provider In Southern California

EliteCCW is an authorized training provider for Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Arizona, Utah and Florida

Train For Real World Scenarios In Our Simulator Room

Live fire training is highly effective, but in order to prepare yourself for real world scenarios, simulator training is a highly encouraged addition to any training

In-Person Classes For A Personal Training Experience

Our In-Person Classes are perfect for people wanting an imersive experience with the ability to ask questions live.

Our Pro Shop Offers a Variety Of Parts, Accessories and Apparel

Whether you're here training or just stopping in, the EliteCCW Pro Shop is a great place for everything from restocking on ammo to first aid kits dedicated to firearm owners and more

We're Here To Help You Learn, Train and Excel With Your Firearm

The EliteCCW family isn't meant for any one type of person, it's a melting pot of people from a variety of different backgrounds, skill levels and reasons for training. We're not in the business of turning students over at a high rate, we're in the business of ensuring each and every student receives a personalized experience that assists them with where they want to be with their firearm, from being a skilled shooter for home protection to pursuing your CCW permit in multiple jurisdictions. Whether you're a new firearm owner or a veteran with decades of shooting under your belt, EliteCCW Firearm Training has classes and options for everybody.


EliteCCW is dedicated to providing top-notch firearm safety and concealed carry education to individuals of all experience levels. Our experienced instructors offer hands-on training in a supportive and safe environment, ensuring that participants walk away with the knowledge and confidence needed to handle firearms responsibly.

In-Person Initial & Renewal CCW Class

We offer the premier class for obtaining your Orange County, Los Angeles, or San Diego CCW Permit. You can join us for our 1-day class that will give you all of the knowledge you need to both fulfill the requirements and make you feel comfortable and knowledgeable behind the trigger. Our 1-day course includes the range qualification required to receive the Training Certificate you will need to be approved for your CCW Permit.

Online Initial & Renewal CCW Class

Our online Initial & Renewal CCW class is only offered for Orange County residents. This course covers the same content as our in-person class, but offers the flexibility of being able to access the content on nearly any internet enabled device. When you complete the online portion of the course, you'll meet us in person for the firearm certification aspect of your permit.

Basic Pistol

For many new gun owners, there's no better place to start than our Private Basic Pistol course. This course is taught at our facility with 1-on-1 instruction and covers safe handling of firearms, loading and unloading techniques, ammunition information and the fundamentals of shooting. If you're interested in booking this course, please email us by clicking the button below and we'll schedule a time and date.

Private Live Fire & Simulator Training

If you're wanting to train with us outside of a group environement, EliteCCW offers private 1-on-1 sessions for both live fire and simulator training. Whether you need an additional block of training to become more comfortable with your firearm, or you're looking to sharpen your skills by practicing with a qualified and certified instructor, consider checking out our private options today.

Other Services

EliteCCW Firearm Training is an authorized training provider for Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Arizona, Utah and Florida. Select your state below to learn more and schedule a consultation.

Simulator Training

Our state-of-the-art simulator room gives students the ultimate ability to train for a multitude of real world scenarios. It's also great for beginners who want to familiarize themselves with a firearm before live fire training.

On-Site Live Scan

For those seeking a live scan for any reason, all you need to do is simply use our live scan form and submit a request. You can learn more and request a scan by clicking Learn More below.

Firearm Safety Certificate

The first step in purchasing a firearm in California is obtaining your Firearm Safety Certificate. Even if you're exempt from this exam, it's still a great way to create a foundation of knowledge with firearm ownership.

Why People Choose EliteCCW

EliteCCW has grown to become the premiere training and learning destination for everyone from new firearm owners to those looking to pursue their Concealed Carry (CCW) permit locally and out of state. Here are a few of the main reasons why people choose EliteCCW Firearm Training.

Authorized Training Provider

EliteCCW Firearm Training is an Authorized Training Provider for Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Arizona, Utah and Florida

Founded by Former Orange County Sheriff CCW Supervisor

While with OCSD, Mike served as the Supervisor of the CCW Unit from 2017-2019 and knows firsthand what goes into obtaining your permit

Safety & Responsibility Come First

We emphasize safety and responsibility in everything we do, ensuring a welcoming and safe environment for students to learn and train in

Fully Stocked Pro Shop & Ammo Dealer

Whether you need ammo, a first aid kit, or any accessories for your carry kit, our pro shop is the place to stock up anytime

Certified Armorers

If you have any issues or additions you'd like to make with your firearm, we have a Certified Glock and Sig Sauer armorer ready to discuss your needs

Meet our team

With decades of experience between our well-qualified instructors, our credentials don't just stop at the title under our names. Read more about each team member's credentials by clicking the button below.

Mike Duda

Founder of EliteCCW

Kevin Lane

Instructor / Marketing

Bailey Duda

Owner / Instructor

Bryan Soto


The EliteCCW Experience

Located in the heart of Orange County, our Fountain Valley facility features state of the art training technology and a pro shop. Check out what to expect at EliteCCW below.

Comfortable Classes

The environment in which you learn in can have a big impact on how you retain the information you're taught. Our classes are comfortable and meant to be engaging with students to ensure the best learning outcomes.

Pro Shop

The first thing you'll notice when you walk in the door is you'll be standing in our pro shop where we can get me almost anything you need in the realm of your everyday carry and firearm ownership.

Indoor Shooting Range

Our private shooting range comes with computerized targeting system, lead-free ammunition and commercial air filters to create the most comfortable learning and shooting experience available.

Simulator Room

There's no better way to learn how to safely navigate dangerous situations than with a simulator. Our simulator room is the perfect place to run through real world scenarios and learn how to act accordingly with your firearm.

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