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Defensive Pistol and Wound Management in the Active Environment Course

This course will focus on defensive pistol fundamentals of shooting around and behind barriers, from the ground and compromised positions.
It will have heavy emphasis on mitigating bleeding and performing self aid and buddy aid in the active shooter environment, and in some cases shooting strong side and support side only. All participants will learn how to apply tourniquets, pack wounds and apply pressure dressings while under stress and in their relevant zones of fire and treatment. This is a dynamic 1 Day course suited for intermediate and advanced shooters only. 

All participants will receive a Level 1 Training Certificate based on current TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) guidelines and an individual first aid kit (IFAK) from North American Rescue. An estimated 100rds of lead-free ammunition will be provided as part of the course fee.


Course Objectives:

- Pistol shooting fundamentals 
- Shooting from cover/ concealment positions
- Magazine changes / Reloads
- Strong and support side shooting
- Shooting positions
- Engaging multiple targets in compressed environments


April 22, 2023


9:00am - 5:00pm


18183 Euclid St, Fountain Valley, Ca 92708



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