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eliteCCW Training Programs

At EliteCCW Firearm Training, we take pride in providing a truly elite training experience. From beginners who have never pulled the trigger of a firearm to those pursuing their CCW permit, we have programs suited to a variety of student requirements.

In-Person CCW Class

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Apart from the obvious goal of obtaining your permit, there are tons of reasons why thousands of students have chosen EliteCCW as their training destination. Put simply, we focus on the student rather than the masses. Every student that walks through our doors is there for a different and unique reason. Whether it's from personal experience or the need to be prepared, we understand the variety of training goals that we encounter on a daily basis, and that's why we have nearly every student return for their renewal permit through EliteCCW. So if you're ready to obtain your CCW permit for Orange County, Los Angeles or San Diego while receiving the best training, then click the Book Now button below to get started.

Online Orange County CCW Class

Based off the exact same curriculum as our In-Person CCW class, our Online version allows for more flexibility for those who need it. ORANGE COUNTY ONLY.

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While the content and structure is the same as our in-person class, our online and in-person classes offer benefits that suit different students' needs. When you enroll in our online course, you'll have instant access to the same content, but can watch the videos and complete the modules on your own time. You can also post questions within the course and expect a reply within 24 hours. The main benefit of our online class is the flexibilty for being able to complete the course and then schedule your range qualification, while the main benefit of our in-person class is having an instructor to ask questions live along with our indoor shooting range available after your class.

EliteCCW Range Classes

Becoming familiar with your firearm is the obvious first step in your training, however if you want to take your skills to the next level, then our Range Classes are a perfect fit.

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We'll be offering a wide variety of different classes at our facility in Fountain Valley for all different skill levels. If you're wanting to boost your training and become more familiar with running drills and excercises, then check out which classes we're currently offering by clicking the Schedule Now button below.

Basic Pistol Class

For those students who have either never fired or handled a firearm, or just need a refresher for safety and comfort sake, our Basic Pistol class is a great way to establish your bearings with the skills you need to safely handle firearms going forward.

Why Sign Up For Our Basic Pistol Class?

Safely handling and accurately shooting a firearm is a decayable skill. Especially in California, there are limited areas available where you can safely and efficiently practice handling a firearm. For that reason, our Basic Pistol Class isn't just for beginners who have never handled a gun, but for anybody looking for reestablish a foundational knowledge of safe handling. Many people with decades of shooting experience still make a habit of attending firearm classes regularly, and attending our classes here at EliteCCW will give you peace of mind knowing you're in the most professional of hands. Another reason why shooters choose EliteCCW for our Basic Pistol Class is because we don't feel like an exclusive club. All students are welcome and we try to make everybody feel at home while they trust us with their training needs.

Private Live Fire & Simulator Training

Some students really thrive in a more controlled setting when it comes to real world scenario training. That's why our simulator is a great choice for anybody either looking to get used to handling a firearm before the real thing, or looking to increase their skills with scenario training.

Training Catered To You...

At EliteCCW we focus on the needs of our students first and foremost. When you schedule a private lesson in our simulator, we'll cater your training toward what you're looking to achieve. Book your private simulator session by clicking the button below.
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Special Events & Group Classes

Here at EliteCCW, we offer a variety of courses and training options for shooters of all skill levels. We frequently offer specialty classes and training for groups. These events are not recurring, so you can check out our current list of events by clicking the button below.

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If you're looking for our specialty training and/or events, click the button below to check out our current offerings and enroll today!
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